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"Ironic, isn't it, Tonraq?" Zaheer asked. "That after I would discover Guru Laghima's secret of flight, I am chained to the ground?"

Tonraq silently glared at Zaheer's hovering, meditating form. The Red Lotus member had been in this prison for about a year now, convicted of assassinating the Earth Queen and attempted murder against Korra. Along with a number of other charges and convictions, of course, most of which were the ones that he was imprisoned for in the first place. "You chained others up," said Tonraq. Am I supposed to care?"

"Then why did you come, Tonraq?" Zaheer asked. "To discuss my sentence?"

"I'm not here to discuss you, Zaheer," Tonraq said. "I'm here to discuss my daughter."

"Avatar Korra," Zaheer breathed. "How is she doing?"

"She is suffering, no thanks to you," Tonraq replied. "I realize that with her being the Avatar, I'd expect her to get into trouble, but watching her come so close to death last year frightened me."

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Zaheer. "But you—"

"And hearing you laughing was like a knife to my chest," Tonraq interrupted. "Had I been a lesser man, I would have killed you right then and there."

"Then why didn't you?" Zaheer asked, peering down at the chief of the Southern Water Tribe.

"As I said," Tonraq replied, "I wasn't the lesser man."

"So you're here to gloat to me," Zaher said. "You'd rather present yourself as the better man in this, even though you confessed that you wanted to kill me. How fitting is it that—"

"BE QUIET!" Tonraq roared. "You broke out of prison. You manipulated others. You threw the world out of balance in the name of 'freedom'. You threatened to destroy the Air Nation. You nearly killed the Avatar. She's a shell of her former self—traumatized and paralyzed. If you think you can present yourself as the better man, you're a worse comedian than Varrick is."

"So why did you come here?" Zaheer asked.

"While Korra can't confront you herself just yet, I might as well," said Tonraq. "Just imagine if Korra had died, Zaheer."

"You did this for yourself?"

"In a way, yes," said Tonraq. "But knowing you're chained up like this is more than enough to give me peace of mind. But—"

"But what?"

"I'm not going to gloat," Tonraq replied. "In all honesty, I'm here because you've been haunting me as well. I've said it before, but you nearly killed my daughter. I know everyone looks up to her, but to me, she's my little girl. And I want you to know just what you did could have had lasting consequences for Senna and I."

"So you want me to live with that?" Zaheer asked.

"And everything else you've done," Tonraq replied. He turned his back to Zaheer. "I hope you have a good day." He walked out of Zaheer's custom prison, leaving the Red Lotus member alone.
For Day 5 of Avatar Week. The idea for a scenario like this came to mind watching "Venom of the Red Lotus". Of all the reactions to Korra's near-death, I felt more empathy with Tonraq (even though we saw Asami's expression). Why? The man was watching his daughter die in his arms and he was helpless to do anything about it. If I was in Tonraq's shoes, I would've told Zaheer to shut up myself. But Tonraq was more concerned with Korra right then and there, like the good father he is. So because of the theme for today, I thought this would be a good one-shot. Tell me what you think!
The spirit portal hummed the usual sound of a human entering the Spirit World. Some of the spirits stopped and turned towards this now-familiar sound. This time there was considerable power coming through the portal. They'd felt it before, and they were very familiar with it, too.

The Avatar, Korra, walked through the portal and stopped, looking around. She lowered the hood of her parka, bearing the blue of the Southern Water Tribe. The last time she worse something like this, she was looking for something else. Though they could not read her mind, the Spirits knew there was something she was looking for.

Naturally, they were curious. A little leaf spirit bounded up to her and pulled on her boot to get her attention. "Avatar Korra!" it said. "What are you doing here? And where's your friend?"

The Avatar looked down and smiled at the little spirit. "I'm just here to take care of something," she said gently. "Do you know where Iroh is?"

"He said he was looking for tea," said the spirit. Typical Iroh.

"Thanks anyway," she said. "To be honest, I don't need him, but I'd appreciate his help."

"We can find him for you if you want!"

"I'd love that," she said. "Thanks!"

The spirit ran off while Korra looked around. Though the spirit didn't ask what she was there for, she didn't mind. This was something she wanted to do on her own, or with Iroh's help.

It was almost 4 years on, and she still hadn't reconnected with her former lives. Ever since Harmonic Convergence, she kept trying and trying to reconnect, only to fail. It wasn't frustrating, but the desire to do so was stuck in the back of her mind and made her want to do it, either way. If she could get rid of the nagging shame of losing her past lives, then so be it.

Now, she knew what she was looking for. But how to find it was the hard part. But she knew a good place to start.

The Tree of Time stood off in the distance, as if waiting for her to come by. She could always count on the spiritual energy when she needed it. Perhaps she could start there.

So she set herself up in the hollowed-out husk of the tree. Already she could feel the spiritual energy spiraling around her and giving her more power. This was the perfect place to do her work. She pulled her legs in, connected her fists together, took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

As her meditation began, she could see the spiritual energy around her in many different colors, like a rainbow. With every breath, the colors either contracted or expanded with her. It was clear that she was controlling the energy itself. Any other spirit around her could be drawn to her. Perhaps Iroh could know.

Soon, she felt a loving warmth radiating from her chest. It reminded her of Asami. But she knew it wasn't her. She couldn't see herself, but she was glowing a bright blue, and Raava's form appeared on her chest.

In her meditation, she found herself floating in the air and landing on a platform. Stars filled the sky and she could hear the sound of the rushing wind. Another light appeared as Raava flew in from the darkness. The Spirit of Light circled her avatar as if curious. "Hello, Korra," she said warmly. "What do you need?"

"Raava, I want to reconnect with my past lives," she said.


"Because I still haven't gotten over Harmonic Convergence," she replied. "I know everyone says I'm wise, but… it just doesn't feel right without my past lives. And to be honest—,"

"I understand, Korra," Raava reassured. "But you have shown yourself to not need them. However, if you need my help, I will try my best."

"Thank you, Raava," said Korra.

Raava landed in front of Korra and the Avatar walked up to her. She held her hand out. She was nervous, but confident. She took another deep breath and touched Raava.

She could feel Raava's power surging through her. She could feel it even in her meditative state. Of course, no other spirits could see this, since from the outside she just looked as if she was still meditating.

But eventually it was too much. And she could not find any of her past lives. She let go.

Korra collapsed in front of Raava, her astral form sweating and hyperventilating. "Are you alright?" Raava asked.

"I couldn't find anyone," said Korra.

"Vaatu's power is indeed strong," said Raava. "Even I did not expect this to be easy."

"Will I ever reconnect?" Korra asked.

"Whether or not that happens is uncertain," said Raava. "But, if you ask me, you do not need to. It will certainly help, but you have forged your own path. Let your guilt go. You still hold incredible power and you are still wise. You have learned so much. I am proud to call you my Avatar. Now, you may wake up and return to Asami. I am sure she misses you."

"Thank you, Raava," Korra said as the vision disappeared.

Korra woke up and stretched, feeling refreshed. "Avatar!" the little leaf spirit called as it ran up to her. "I found Iroh, but he was busy. He said he'll be glad to help, though."

"Thanks, little one," Korra said as she rubbed the little spirit's head. "But I couldn't find what I was looking for."

"Oh, I'm sorry," said the leaf. "What are you going to do?"

"I'll keep trying," she replied. "But I'm not going to dwell on my guilt."
For day 4 of Avatar Week. I kind of feel that Korra would try to re-connect with her past lives at some point after the Battle of Republic City. Of course, whether she succeeds or not is up in the air, but I like the idea of her at least trying. Perhaps she doesn't need to, but personally I would feel better if she did. But that would take a multi-chapter fic. So, here's this one-shot of her connecting with Raava to at least try.
Sometimes, it was hard to imagine just how powerful the Avatar was. In the right moment, they could turn from a normal person into a terrifying force of nature. The Avatar was both a force for balance and good in the world, but at the same time, having the ability to bend all four elements and more made them feared.

If only they knew the truth.

“How is anyone going to believe Aang is this incredibly power Avatar?” Sokka asked, leaning back against one of Appa’s legs while Katara made the fire and Toph fiddled around with her earthbending.

And Aang goofed off in the lake, making ice sculptures while Momo licked some of the ice shavings off.

“Hey Katara, check it out—an Aye-Aye spirit!” he said.

“That’s great, Aang!” Katara said. “Toph, what do you think of Aang’s Aye-aye sculpture?”

“It looks nice,” said Toph.

“Why, that’s—you were kidding, weren’t you?”

“What makes you think that?” Toph joked.

“I could tell,” Katara replied. “Sokka, you know how powerful Aang is. Why are you doubting him?”

“Because who says the Fire Nation won’t?” Sokka asked. “I mean, look at him!”

Aang was giggling at the silly face he gave his aye-aye sculpture.

“So?” Katara asked. “You’ve seen him before, and so has the Fire Nation.”

“That crazy Fire Nation princess hasn’t!” Sokka replied. “Who’s to say she won’t take one look at him and go, ‘he’s nothing compared to my fire’!”

“That was a pretty good impression,” said Toph.

“Then why do you think she’d been chasing us?” Katara asked.

“Like I said, I’m just saying,” said Sokka.

“It’s okay, Sokka,” said Aang. “I don’t mind being underestimated.”

“Well, it does help being underestimated,” said Katara. “I can guarantee you a lot of opponents are going to underestimate you—no offense, Aang.”

“None taken,” he said.

“Don’t coddle him like that!” Toph objected. “He’s gotta go up to ‘em and go ‘grrr, I’m the Avatar! Fear me!’ Like that!”

“I don’t think that’s gonna work, Toph,” said Aang.

“Besides, The Boulder underestimated you,” said Katara.

“Yeah, but I expect that,” she replied.

“Which is why it’ll work for Aang,” said Katara.

“Yeah, but I’d still like it if he could at least try to remind people of his power,” said Sokka.

“Why should I?” Aang asked. “I’m the Avatar, aren’t I?”

Sokka opened his mouth to speak. And then he closed it. “Y’know what? I think I’m scared already.”

“I wasn’t trying to scare you,” said Aang.

“I think this conversation is unnecessary,” Katara said slyly.

“It’s not for me!” Toph objected, knowing that nobody really cared.
Avatar Week, Day 3: Underestimating Power
My first entry of the day for the “Power” theme. I’ve done enough angst and fluff, so I decided to focus on something funny. Basically, the Avatar is an all-powerful being, but the two ones we’ve seen are total dorky goofballs who are easy to underestimate. Not that it hurts them in anyway, of course. So this is somewhere between “Bitter Work” and “The Library” while the Gaang is travelling in the Earth Kingdom. Again, since this is a humor piece, don’t take it too seriously.


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